Proposal for a Crust Network App

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Dear Karma,

Thank you for taking the time to submit your proposal to Crust Network. We appreciate your enthusiasm and interest in increasing awareness of our network. However, we regret to inform you that we will not be moving forward with your proposal.

The creation of an application that connects directly to Crust Mainnet for file storage is not a viable solution at this time. We already have two applications in place, Crust Files for general users and Crust Cloud for developers. These applications serve our community well and provide the necessary functionality for file storage.

If you have a better suggestion, please describe it in details.

We encourage you to continue exploring ways to support and contribute to the Crust Network community, and welcome any future proposals that align with our mission and goals.

Thank you again for your interest and contribution to the Crust Network.

Best regards,


Thank you Aki for taking the time to go through my proposal.
My proposal was aimed directly at general users of Crust files for ease of access.
Tho the already available application that could be accessed by installing for example kiwi browser on mobile in order to install a Crust wallet extension does provide the necessary functionality, there is no doubt room for improvement. To the point where one could save files directly from the directory to Crust files as is possible from say android to Google drive and iPhones to icloud.
This alone has the potential to boost the adoption of Crust Network's Crust files feature due to its relatively ease of access, cheap and way better features than the conventional centralized storage providers.