One token for Crust ecosystem

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Do you want ONE token for Crust ecosystem ?
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Yes. One token is the best for Crust ecosystem
No. We must keep CRU and CSM.
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Csm and cru both are good an important for crust network..



We can’t draw conclusions so directly that W3F has given up on Kusama. In fact, Kusama has always carried the functions of Polkadot ecological experiments and new function tests. It is more radical and more conducive to the low-cost implementation of innovative ideas. W3F has also been committed to maintaining the development of this ecology.
Crust has always hoped to follow the development of the Polkadot ecosystem, so Crust must participate in the construction of the Kusama ecosystem. Crust shadow was created for this purpose and we cannot give up on it.

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From the perspective of project operation, merging CSM and CRU into one token is a solution that increases complexity. So that's why most of the project parties such as Acala, Astar, Centrifuge Clover Moonbeam. . .etc issue two tokens to participate in Polkadot and Kusama respectively.
From the perspective of users, if you think that the market value of CSM is too low and the value of participating in the construction of Kusama cannot meet the needs of users, it is recommended that users convert CSM into CRU by yourself. Instead of letting the project merge the two tokens.

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Thank you for your proposal. After careful review, we have the following considerations:

Currently, CSM is the native token of Crust Shadow and it has its own economic model, which prevents us from arbitrarily destroying it. Additionally, on Shadow, we also provide storage orders for other parachains.

We do not believe that the Web3 Foundation and Polkadot have given up the Kusama ecosystem, and we are not inclined to easily give up on the Kusama ecosystem either.

From the very beginning, the design of CSM was intended for 100% distribution to the community. It is a completely different concept from CRU, so we do not support the conversion between the two. If CSM users do not wish to hold CSM, they can sell it on Kraken and then exchange it for CRU. There are also secondary markets available for buying and selling.

We appreciate your understanding in this matter.


Hello everyone, after several discussions, I let this poll but I'll make some changes for the "proposal" in democraty vote.
I don't think we must give up Kusama ecosystem. I want only keep one token for the three Crust networks ( Crust mainnet / Crust Parachain as Polkadot parachain / Crust Shadow as Kusama parachain).
Two ways for the new proposal:

  • change the ration between CSM and CRU. If CSM holders want the 71:1 ratio, they can sell now CSM and buy CRU. But if we convert CSM to CRU, we can use the ratio 142 CSM: 1 CRU. WIth this ratio we have only 5% inflation with new tokens added .
  • give CSM to community and use CRU on Crust Shadow. If CSM is community owned, we must assume this fact.

In my understanding, CRU - DOT and CSM - KSM are native tokens of different chains. If I want to swap CSM for CRU, I should exchange CSM to USDT in the market, and then exchange USDT to CRU.


In my opinion, CRU and CSM should be kept separate. The following is why:

  1. As CRU holders we cannot tell CSM holders what to do. They need to decide if they want to merge with us as well. What if they decide they don't want to merge with CRU. Will they just keep their CSM? What effect will that have on us if some choose to merge and some choose not to merge? This will cause confusion. If we force everyone to convert then those who don't want to will be upset.
  2. This may be unfair to the current CRU holders. The current CRU holders have bought CRU and have been loyal, but in this scenario, they will not receive any rewards, in fact, they will receive token inflation or loss of project treasury. On the other hand, the CSM holders will be rewarded for holding CSM just for purchasing CSM. Since in this scenario, they will be receiving more CRU than what they currently hold in CSM. What I mean is we are giving them CRU based on the current supply of CRU and CSM which is ~1/10 or 1 CRU for 71 CSM. However, if we use the current price of CSM we can see that 1 CRU = 157 CSM. This means we are giving them approximately 2.2 more CRU than they are currently holding at value. These CSM holders did not do anything extra, or any work for the network in order for this to occur. They are making instant gains in this scenario. There is a chance many holders will purchase CSM right before the conversion in order to get these gains and instantly dump the CRU. Also, many holders that bought for less will dump their new CRU. The loyal CRU holders will not be getting double CRU just for holding, only those that got CSM will gain. I do sympathize with CSM holders that CSM has gone down in price, but so has CRU. We all choose to invest and do our own research, and we should all be held accountable for the decisions we make. The data behind CSM usage is widely available and public. It was their choice to degen into a very volatile asset, so why should CRU holders be held accountable? If we want to make it equal based on the price of CSM /CRU it is possible but the math would be much more complicated because we would be increasing the supply by every CRU we give out. It would require the use of the double derivative method popularized in the stock market for new stock offerings. Many holders may not understand this method and may feel they are getting less CRU than they are deserved and will not agree. This will make people angry. Overall I think this is too complicated.
  3. Even if everyone agrees, this will put unnecessary stress on our network. We will need to decide the method of rewarding these CSM holders. There are only two possibilities. Firstly we take existing CRU from the current Crust treasury and hand it out to CSM holders. This is not possible in my opinion because it will decrease the amount of money the team has to do marketing for the project. Our treasury is already very small compared to many other projects considering our market cap, so I don't think we want to make it smaller. The second option is to mint new tokens which would cause token inflation. This option would be possible perhaps in 5-10 years when CRU prices are more stabilized and if we were to get inflation for this project down to 1-2% but with the current math this would be around 10% inflation for our network. That would be on top of our already 14% inflation this year. I don't think it is feasible to increase inflation by even 1%.
    Overall I think this is a bad decision. Many networks have canary networks outside of Polkadot and don't have problems with them. We shouldn't make decisions just based on what others are doing, we should analyze and think critically instead.
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Yes, true. We cannot force CSM holders to merge with CRU. They should decide if they want to merge or not. If some choose to merge and some don't, it will create confusion and inconsistency within the community.
Holding CSM is a personal choice, and the price of CSM has also gone down. CRU holders should not be held accountable for the decisions made by CSM holders. Making the conversion based on the price ratio of CSM/CRU would be complex and may lead to misunderstandings and dissatisfaction among holders.