Proposal for Enhancing Crust Files Website's Mobile Compatibility and Wallet Integration

Monday, 7th August 2023

Subject: Proposal for Enhancing Crust Files Website's Mobile Compatibility and Wallet Integration

Dear Crust team,

I hope this finds you well. As a passionate member of the Crust community, I have identified some critical aspects that need attention to further improve the user experience and accessibility of the Crust Files website. With this in mind, I am excited to present an updated proposal, which not only addresses the mobile compatibility issues but also emphasizes the importance of mobile access for broader user engagement.


The current mobile experience of the Crust Files website presents significant challenges. When accessed from mobile devices, users are greeted with a message stating that Crust Files is not available on mobile and are encouraged to use PC/Desktop devices instead. However, when turning on the "desktop view," users can access the website, but the platform fails to recognize the installed wallet for seamless integration.

Mobile accessibility is paramount in today's digital landscape. Recent statistics show that mobile devices have become the primary means of accessing the web. According to a report by Statista, as of 2021, over 53% of global website traffic originates from mobile devices, surpassing desktop traffic.

Furthermore, the blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors are rapidly expanding, and an increasing number of users are engaging with these technologies via their mobile devices. Statista's research also reveals that approximately 46% of global cryptocurrency owners access their digital assets through mobile devices.

With these mind-blowing statistics, it is evident that mobile compatibility is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Embracing mobile-friendly solutions is key to attracting a broader user base and fostering active user engagement in the rapidly evolving blockchain industry.

Proposal Overview:

To rectify these issues, I propose implementing a comprehensive upgrade to enhance mobile compatibility and enable seamless wallet integration. This technical endeavor will ensure that users can conveniently access and utilize the Crust Files platform on any device, whether mobile or PC.

Key Objectives:

Mobile-Friendly Website Access: Our technical team will work diligently to eliminate the current restriction that blocks access to Crust Files on mobile devices. By introducing responsive design elements, we will create a mobile-friendly version of the website, allowing users to access all features and functionalities effortlessly.

Seamless Wallet Integration on Mobile: Our developers will address the current limitation where the installed wallet is not recognized on mobile devices. Through technical innovations, we will enable seamless wallet integration for mobile users, empowering them to manage their assets and participate in decentralized storage solutions with ease.


I understand the importance of prompt implementation, and so propose the following basic timeline for these technical enhancements:

Conduct Initial Website Assessment: [Day 1]
Develop Mobile Compatibility and Wallet Integration Plan: [Day 10]
Begin Implementation: [Day 20]
Comprehensive Testing and Debugging: [Day 30]
Final Mobile Compatibility and Wallet Integration Launch: [Day 45]

Funding Consideration:

Regarding the funding aspect, I understand that the decision may vary based on whether the work will be outsourced or handled internally by Crust Network. In any case, I believe the team is committed to delivering top-notch products, whether it involves collaborating with Crust Network's internal resources or taking up the project independently.

As these enhancements require technical expertise, funding allocation request to support the mobile compatibility upgrade and wallet integration for the Crust Files website would not be immediate. A detailed budget breakdown can be available upon request.


I firmly believe that addressing the mobile compatibility issues and ensuring seamless wallet integration will be instrumental in unlocking the full potential of the Crust Files platform. I know the team is passionate about delivering exceptional results to create a user-centric experience, irrespective of the device being used.

Thank you for considering this proposal. Eager to discuss the next steps and collaborate to enhance the Crust Files website, ensuring a seamless and inclusive user experience for all.




Dear Kingxr,

Thank you for your comprehensive and thoughtful proposal concerning the mobile compatibility of Crust Files. We recognize the significant importance of mobile accessibility in today's digital landscape and appreciate the statistics and insights you've shared.

While we agree with your assessment that mobile compatibility is essential, we must consider our current priorities and development plans. At this stage, our primary focus is on upgrading EVM Storage, Crust Cloud, and the PC version of Crust Files. These upgrades align with our immediate goals and strategy.

As for the mobile version of Crust Files, it is indeed in our roadmap but is currently placed in a later phase. We plan to assess the necessity of a mobile version based on user numbers and engagement levels. Although the mobile version is not an immediate focus, we fully intend to develop it once the PC version has matured.

If you have any recommendations for outsourcing teams or specific budget considerations, we kindly ask that you include this information in your proposal. This will enable us to evaluate all aspects thoroughly.

Once again, thank you for your interest and for putting forth this proposal. While we may not proceed with this initiative in the immediate future, we certainly recognize its value and will keep it in consideration for our long-term plans.

Should you have any further questions or require additional information, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Best regards,
Crust Network